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Do your friends really know you???


Ok folks how well do your friends really know you and about you???? I mean what if there is an accident or what if you start acting different, I mean more so than normal. Have you let your friends know about your problems or potential problems? Are you thinking what is he talking about, well your medical problems or conditions! Do the people you ride with know that you have had a heat stroke or do they know you have low blood sugar and always have candy in your pocket? How about that your diabetic or have a sever reaction to wasp stings? Get the idea, now we need to let the people we ride with know that we have potential problems in case we have a problem and need someone to help us. You don’t have to make a public announcement every time you ride, but please make sure some of your friends know your needs or medical history. Also the left front pocket is the standard place on Gold Wings for your emergency contact info. I strongly recommend that you put your emergency info in that pocket it could save a lot of time and give the emergency personal a real help in taking care of you if someone could have that info ready when they arrive. Also do you know what ICE stands for?? In Case of Emergency, put ICE in your phone with a family members number because if no one is around the emergency personal or police will look in your phone for a contact number and they look for a ICE number as a contact. Think about this it could save your life!!!


Ride Safe and Stay Alert

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